Pedestrian street lighting
New pedestrian street lighting
LANI is the Los Angeles Neighborhood Initiative, a community-driven neighborhood program which jump starts economic revitalization and improves urban neighborhoods. LANI partnered with SoRo, Inc. to plan and implement several beautification and safety projects. You can read more about the project here.

The completed LANI projects (totaling $498,000) include:

  • A comprehensive Community Work Plan
  • Conceptual design for the SoRo Village corridor
  • Pedestrian activated crosswalk at Robertson Blvd. and Olin Street
  • Decorative stamped asphalt crosswalks at three intersections
  • Sidewalk repair and cleaning
  • Tree pruning and replanting
  • Six bus shelters with matching benches and trash receptacles
  • 25 decorative pedestrian lights

In particular, the decorative pedestrian street lights that line Robertson Blvd. enhance the appearance of the street, encourage walking, and improve public safety.

The community is grateful for these improvements and thanks all of the SoRo LANI Committee members:
Claire Bowin (SoRo RCO Chair), Ed Brody, Aubrey Provost, Paul Levy, Malcolm Brown, Floyd Cranmore, Marilyn McKnight, John White, Julia Maher and former SoRo Chair and President, Susan Bursk.

The professional firms involved with this project were Campbell & Campbell (Architect); and Berg & Associates (Construction Managers).