The South Robertson Community Foundation, Inc. (SORO CF)  is a recognized 501(c)(3) entity and operates in accordance with Federal and California State laws  It serves the area of Los Angeles between the cities of Beverly Hills and Culver City, and between La Cienega Blvd. and the Hillcrest Country Club (detailed street-by-street boundaries can be found in the SoRo Bylaws.)

The Foundation’s leadership is drawn from stakeholders in that area, including residents, property owners, business owners and managers, leaders of social service and educational institutions, and leaders of religious congregations.

The purpose of SORO CF is to serve the cultural, educational, economic and social needs of the community.  It does so by sponsoring community events of various kinds, and by using other community-building techniques. It also sponsors efforts to improve the physical environment of the community.

SORO CF acts independently of any other entity, but it may cooperate with other community organizations, including those from neighboring communities, and with governmental entities.

Although SORO CF is both non-partisan and non-political, the organization reserves the right to educate its community on matters of both partisan and non-partisan public interest.

To further its objectives, SORO CF may solicit contributions without restriction from corporations, other business entities, governmental bodies, other non-profit organizations, and private individuals.